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Prod. SCU-Orig. MP.S



hole cutter sets

With teeth coated with hard metal grains, professional use. To be used on portable and pillar drills. For aggressive but uniform, quick and light cutting. Long tooth and sharpening life. For drilling all kinds of abrasive and hard materials such as fiberglass, carbonium, kevlar, graphite, concrete, marble, granite, ceramic, cast iron, etc. Useful cutting depth 40mm.

Number of hole saws: 6
Sizes Art. 3078 GSP: mm 22-32-38-51-64-83
Shanks Art. 3078 GT: Size 1A – 1pc
Shanks Art. 3078 GT: Size 2 – 1pc
In plastic case.

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NoteCod. Art.EachCod. Prod.Peso ArtQTAMIN
3078GZM€ 0 2.51