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Prod. SCU-Orig. MP.S



hole cutter sets

Diamond type for drilling the hardest materials like porcelain, glass, ceramic, granite, marble, travertine, slate, porcelain tiles. They do not require large amounts of water: it is sufficient to immerse them every 5 working seconds in a small container of water in order to obtain the necessary cooling. For drills with standard shanks Art. 3078 GT 1A - 2 and, if needed, with the specific centering tip Art. 3078 GUE. For grinders using the adapters Art. O3078 GSV 1 and O3078 GSV 2 without pilot bit. In this case it is recommended the entrance to 45° with respect to the material to be drilled. Useful cutting depth 40 mm.

Number of hole saws: 6
Sizes Art. 3078 GSV: mm 22-32-38-51-64-83
Shanks Art. 3078 GT: Size 1A – 1pc
Shanks Art. 3078 GT: Size 2 – 1pc
In plastic case.

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3078GZR€ 0 2.51