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3078GZ 8  

Prod. SCU-Orig. MP.S



hole cutter sets

Bi-metal type in HSS steel, professional use.
Progressive variable toothing, with special drill between one tooth and the other to optimize chip discharge (chip-breaker). For longer saw life, best safety and shorter cutting times.
To be used on portable or pillar drills. For drilling iron, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastic, wood, etc. Particularly suitable for installers, forgers, sheet metal workers, etc.
Useful cutting depth 38mm.

Number of hole saws: 12
Sizes Art. 3078 GS: 16-19-22-25-29-32-35-38-45-51-64-76mm
Shanks Art. 3078 GT: Size 1A – 1pc
Shanks Art. 3078 GT: Size 2 – 1pc
Pilot bits Art. 3078 GU: 3pcs
In plastic case.

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3078GZ 8€ 0 2.1221