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Orig. Gedore


SOCKETS, 3/8" DRIVE DIN 3120-ISO 1174


DIN 3120 | ISO 1174 | DIN 3124 | UNI ISO 2725

In CHROME-VANADIUM steel. Chrome plated, with slots inside the square drive for the locking balls of ratchets and levers.

DIN 3124, ISO 2725-1. Long pattern. Internal bi-hex type. Length: 63mm.

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NoteCod. Art.EachCod. Prod.Opening
952RC 10€ 0D 30L100.051
952RC 11€ 0D 30L110.061
952RC 12€ 0D 30L120.0651
952RC 13€ 0D 30L130.071
952RC 14€ 0D 30L140.0851
952RC 15€ 0D 30L150.0851
952RC 16€ 0D 30L160.0951
952RC 17€ 0D 30L170.1051
952RC 18€ 0D 30L180.111
952RC 19€ 0D 30L190.121
952RC 20€ 0D 30L200.1351
952RC 21€ 0D 30L210.1451
952RC 22€ 0D 30L220.161